MagiKart: Retro Kart Racing

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It's a blast from the past in this faux 90's remake of a hit classic


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MagiKart: Retro Kart Racing is a go-kart game, reminiscent of Super Mario Kart. You' ll be taken on a wild ride across circuits that are full of surprises. You''ll get on board these peculiar cars driven by a variety of characters from every available category.

As soon as you start your first game in MagiKart: Retro Kart Racing, you'll have to select the character you want to drive and the level of difficulty. Specifically, the game offers the possibility of racing with engines measuring more or less cubic centimeters. On the other hand, you can select the most suitable control system depending on whether you have a PC controller or prefer to use a keyboard and mouse.

If you choose the second method of control mentioned, you only have to familiarize yourself with one basic command. Accelerate or slow down by clicking on the left and right buttons of your mouse respectively. On the other hand, using the WASD pad moves you in any direction on the asphalt. Also, along each circuit you will find boxes that provide you with special objects. Clicking on the space bar you can use them to increase certain skills or to damage your opponents.

On screen you can control your position and the total time of each lap. From there, your only real main objective is to try to cross the checkered flag in first place. MagiKart: Retro Kart Racing is a carefully crafted title where you can go back decades in time to hop on board a bunch of the old karts you played with a kid on your old-fashioned TV.
By Erika Okumura